Lotti’s day out in Westminster took her to every must-see landmark in London. It’s the perfect place to take a friend or relative who’s visiting London...while they get their Instagram-worthy holiday snaps, you can take the time to see the sights and remember why London’s such an excellent place to be!

Big Ben

This unmissable clock tower is probably the most recognisable London landmark, keeping time for the whole city all year round. Whether you visit to get that perfect tourist photo, or to enjoy the splendid architecture, you’ll be amazed by this piece of London’s history. Of course, Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the clock tower; the clock tower is now called the Elizabeth Tower to commemorate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. How’s that for a fun fact?



Buckingham Palace

Speaking of the Queen, make sure you take the chance to enjoy a stroll down the Mall towards the picturesque Buckingham Palace. If you arrive at the right time, you’ll get a chance to see the Changing of the Guards at around 11:30. You can book tickets for a tour if you like, or marvel at the beauty of the palace and the scenery surrounding it.



Queen Victoria Memorial

This stunning memorial to Queen Victoria was constructed in the early 20th Century and took over 20 years to complete. You can easily see why, as its intricate designs and delicate sculpture are absolutely breathtaking.



Green Park

One of the many Royal parks in London, Green Park is perhaps the most untouched of all, as it is predominantly green space and trees. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and take a leisurely walk, Green Park is certainly up to the task. The Canada Gate, on the south side of the park, is another part of the memorial scheme to Queen Victoria, and is just as amazing as the memorial, so make sure to take a look.



Westminster Pier

From the Westminster Pier you can take a City Cruise all the way down the Thames to see all of London’s best historic and notable landmarks. It’s a great way to see the whole of the city in a beautiful setting, and you get brilliant views even from the pier itself. As you’re right in the heart of London, this is a wonderful place to start any day out.



Westminster Abbey

Visit the exquisite church where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married in 2011. Right in the heart of London, Westminster Abbey is an absolutely gorgeous building and gives you the chance to feel just as Royal as Wills and Kate.



Parliament Square

Parliament Square Garden is overlooked by the Houses of Parliament and is full of statues which serve as memorials to legendary British politicians. See how many you can recognise!



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